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The affordable wet bag you love by Sweet Peas Diapers is available now in miniature size in their same sweet and stylish prints. Take Sweet Pea Mini Wet Bag with you when you are out and about to carry your essentials.
Mini wetbags can be used as a clutch on date night, a toiletries bag for travel, makeup bag for your purse, cloth menstrual pad storage, cloth wipes storage and so much more!
Sweet Pea Mini Wet Bag Features:
Wipeable Interior
Adjustable loop handle to fit various size of handles
Sturdy metal zipper with strong pull tab
Made of the same waterproof PUL fabric Sweet Pea Diaper customers have come to love
Measures 12" wide X 7" long
Sweet pea mini wet bags uses don't stop at cloth diapers; use them for all your small essentials, to store cloth baby wipes, stuff with cosmetics or toiletries when traveling…there are an endless amount of ways to use your mini wet bags.